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Among by let-there-be-ink Among :iconlet-there-be-ink:let-there-be-ink 0 0 Lion by let-there-be-ink Lion :iconlet-there-be-ink:let-there-be-ink 0 0 Horse by let-there-be-ink Horse :iconlet-there-be-ink:let-there-be-ink 1 0 Deer by let-there-be-ink Deer :iconlet-there-be-ink:let-there-be-ink 2 0
The Ballad of Dawn
Tall she rose that morning,
Straight from her spacious bed.
Down her back cascaded,
Some lonely strands of red.
Then she stood and spoke aloud,
"Let wake this world I rein."
Casting off her twilight robe
That cloaked her shine in vain.
As the layers peeled away,
Her smile broke the brim.
Easily outshining stars, and
Chasing off the grim.
High she sat admiring,
The world at her command.
Weaving life between her fingers.
Blessing with her outstretched hand.
Slowly as her beauty
Gently crossed her room.
She watched below as people
Bathed beneath her bloom.
Though soon her body tired,
And she gradually lost her glow.
Once more she spoke aloud,
"Alas, for now, I must go."
Thus, with her swiftly dawning,
Once more her shadowed gown,
She closed her eyes and smiled,
Just as the sun laid down.
:iconlet-there-be-ink:let-there-be-ink 0 2
Lillies by let-there-be-ink Lillies :iconlet-there-be-ink:let-there-be-ink 1 7
Envy of July
Every time I faltered, you'd chide me at your whim. You were sensible in your punishments, and brought forth clarity in a sense of muddle. I stood, incredulous, when you would raise your hand, and in prudish terms, would flock the men of virtue to kneel at your skirt hem.
     In your refined, undaunted, and savage methods you would bring crowds to percolate from the same abscessed city streets that had rejected them since birth. In the palm of your stoic hand you crumpled the crusaders of hope, and forcibly replaced them with something, you found, better.
     Vainglory shall prove to be your Achilles heel. In spite of what you yourself have preached, you inverse what is marked moral and work to ebb your taste for the irascible desire within your menial bonds. If you can prove me wrong, dare you and I will prove to be far doughtier than ever you were.
:iconlet-there-be-ink:let-there-be-ink 0 0
For the Love of....
I love you. I love you. Oh God, I love you. Never has there been a sweeter adulation than that of which I show for you. I yearn for your hand with such compulsion that if I were to be granted a very scraping of time to suckle at the light that your celestial fingertips begets , I would shed all prior miseries. Oh, you beautiful flame, that of which dances with formidable guile and ensnares the abject fissures of my heart. The very same that have been taught to feel nothing, and yet, have the capacious ability to bequeath indubitable fervor and genuine amity.
Oh lady of anguish, what have you granted me that is more than a heart ache that cannot be cured?  I stand on a ledge that risks my dawns of tomorrow, and yet I willingly spread out my arms in a sore attempt to fly. You don't hold me back, rather, you laugh in my ears and down the nape of my neck as I descend, perilously to my bloody death upon that cruel ground, awaiting. Yet, somehow, I knew to expect a deject endeavor
:iconlet-there-be-ink:let-there-be-ink 0 0
Beautiful End
Oh, torrid romance,
Cease the beating of my heart.
Cut me off from breathing
Before I ever start.
Hold me to this ground,
But please don't let me walk.
Press our lips together,
Just don't let me talk.
:iconlet-there-be-ink:let-there-be-ink 0 0
The Eiffel Tower by let-there-be-ink The Eiffel Tower :iconlet-there-be-ink:let-there-be-ink 1 2 The Eye by let-there-be-ink The Eye :iconlet-there-be-ink:let-there-be-ink 2 0 Primary by let-there-be-ink Primary :iconlet-there-be-ink:let-there-be-ink 1 0 Solitude by let-there-be-ink Solitude :iconlet-there-be-ink:let-there-be-ink 5 4 Looming Lifespan by let-there-be-ink Looming Lifespan :iconlet-there-be-ink:let-there-be-ink 0 4 The Dryad by let-there-be-ink The Dryad :iconlet-there-be-ink:let-there-be-ink 2 2 Sunflower Maiden by let-there-be-ink Sunflower Maiden :iconlet-there-be-ink:let-there-be-ink 2 1

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Legend of Zelda: OoT Converse by TheProductionist Legend of Zelda: OoT Converse :icontheproductionist:TheProductionist 590 102 caroline - 2 by matmoon caroline - 2 :iconmatmoon:matmoon 154 9
"Really?  You think so?"
"I do, Mr. Finch, and by the sound of it, you do as well."
"It's not about what I think... this is the most popular toy of the season.   Possibly ever, to hear the news."
"Aw, I think it's cute.  What do you think, Evey?"
"Eve, that sound is most unbecoming of a lady."
"Spoilsport.  I have to say I'm with Dominic on this one."
"So you think this - " V held a small plastic figure aloft, "is cute?"
Evey's grin was positively Cheshirean.  "Absolutely."  She stepped forward, showing off the toy's features as enthusiastically as any commercial.  "Look at it - all that detail in the mask, and they even got the length of your knives correct."  
"And the fabric weave."
"You would notice that, Dom."  Finch's dour face almost cracked a smile.
V was not impressed.  "When," he asked, "have I ever employed a 'karate chop' to dispatch my
:iconfuguestate:FugueState 6 15
Captain f'nuckles and flapjake by Levi-Woodal Captain f'nuckles and flapjake :iconlevi-woodal:Levi-Woodal 2 5 raven tattoo by michalivan raven tattoo :iconmichalivan:michalivan 5,307 479 Purify by ShawnCoss Purify :iconshawncoss:ShawnCoss 445 42 Sorrowful Showers by valued-vestige Sorrowful Showers :iconvalued-vestige:valued-vestige 20 7 V for Vendetta by Silens-Somnium V for Vendetta :iconsilens-somnium:Silens-Somnium 96 60 2010 - Guy Fawkes - Vendetta by PunkBouncer 2010 - Guy Fawkes - Vendetta :iconpunkbouncer:PunkBouncer 319 125 V for Vendetta Etch a sketch by pikajane V for Vendetta Etch a sketch :iconpikajane:pikajane 326 145
A Scattering of Meteorite
Last night I saw the sky turn red.
The heavens heaved and all life bled
as meteors rained upon the world,
the cosmos' wrath raw and unfurled.
I could do naught but gaze wide-eyed
at cities razed and lives denied,
at trees ablaze and fields aflame.
When at long last I o'ercame
the fear that froze me to the ground,
I looked around and there I found
two lovers locked in tight embrace,
a blissful death etched on their face.
This life of ours 's a tawdry treasure,
for there's no meter that can measure
the tears that trickle and descend,
the meteors that have yet to land…
:iconleurindal:Leurindal 21 48
The Poet's Dream
Last night I dreamt that life was sleeping,
And a man held in his keeping
All the souls of all the dying,
Cold and crying, lost and lying,
Harvest of the reaper’s reaping
And God’s vacant sighing.
With troubled mind I paused his pacing,
Asked him, though my heart was racing,
“Will I, sir, end here someday
With all these souls like pallid clay?
Tell me what it is I’m facing
And whether I will end this way?”
The man just laughed and turned aside,
But still the truth he could not hide;
Said, “When you wake upon the morrow,
One day hence will fall your sorrow,
For nothing pushes Death aside
That you can beg or borrow.”
I cried out then and cursed my fate,
“Can I not my own Death abate?
A poet I, and think while living
What fair gifts I have been giving
To this world of fear and hate
With poems that breed forgiving.”
“If that is so, my child,” he said,
“Death may not be your lot when dead,
For though you soon must pass away
Your na
:iconorphicfiddler:orphicfiddler 57 64
TZP: The Lost Woods by Adella TZP: The Lost Woods :iconadella:Adella 11,555 1,331 Hyena-priestess ear cuff by bodaszilvia Hyena-priestess ear cuff :iconbodaszilvia:bodaszilvia 220 70 Remember... by KaelNgu Remember... :iconkaelngu:KaelNgu 165 30 After the storm by alicexz After the storm :iconalicexz:alicexz 10,852 573


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Ashley Amos
United States
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Medium
Favourite genre of music: A wide variety
Favourite photographer: My best friend Sam
Favourite style of art: Abstract
Favourite cartoon character: FlapJack
Personal Quote: The dead cannot cry out for justice; it is a duty of the living to do so for them.
Ok, so I'm not sure why I just uploaded those newer pieces and changed my about me, but I just made a new deviantart account. I will only be posting new things on it so if you wish to continue following my work and see how I progress (which I hope you do) then please follow Thank you for watching me, I appreciate it.


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