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Among by let-there-be-ink Among :iconlet-there-be-ink:let-there-be-ink 0 0 Lion by let-there-be-ink Lion :iconlet-there-be-ink:let-there-be-ink 0 0 Horse by let-there-be-ink Horse :iconlet-there-be-ink:let-there-be-ink 1 0 Deer by let-there-be-ink Deer :iconlet-there-be-ink:let-there-be-ink 2 0
The Ballad of Dawn
Tall she rose that morning,
Straight from her spacious bed.
Down her back cascaded,
Some lonely strands of red.
Then she stood and spoke aloud,
"Let wake this world I rein."
Casting off her twilight robe
That cloaked her shine in vain.
As the layers peeled away,
Her smile broke the brim.
Easily outshining stars, and
Chasing off the grim.
High she sat admiring,
The world at her command.
Weaving life between her fingers.
Blessing with her outstretched hand.
Slowly as her beauty
Gently crossed her room.
She watched below as people
Bathed beneath her bloom.
Though soon her body tired,
And she gradually lost her glow.
Once more she spoke aloud,
"Alas, for now, I must go."
Thus, with her swiftly dawning,
Once more her shadowed gown,
She closed her eyes and smiled,
Just as the sun laid down.
:iconlet-there-be-ink:let-there-be-ink 0 2
Lillies by let-there-be-ink Lillies :iconlet-there-be-ink:let-there-be-ink 1 7
Envy of July
Every time I faltered, you'd chide me at your whim. You were sensible in your punishments, and brought forth clarity in a sense of muddle. I stood, incredulous, when you would raise your hand, and in prudish terms, would flock the men of virtue to kneel at your skirt hem.
     In your refined, undaunted, and savage methods you would bring crowds to percolate from the same abscessed city streets that had rejected them since birth. In the palm of your stoic hand you crumpled the crusaders of hope, and forcibly replaced them with something, you found, better.
     Vainglory shall prove to be your Achilles heel. In spite of what you yourself have preached, you inverse what is marked moral and work to ebb your taste for the irascible desire within your menial bonds. If you can prove me wrong, dare you and I will prove to be far doughtier than ever you were.
:iconlet-there-be-ink:let-there-be-ink 0 0
For the Love of....
I love you. I love you. Oh God, I love you. Never has there been a sweeter adulation than that of which I show for you. I yearn for your hand with such compulsion that if I were to be granted a very scraping of time to suckle at the light that your celestial fingertips begets , I would shed all prior miseries. Oh, you beautiful flame, that of which dances with formidable guile and ensnares the abject fissures of my heart. The very same that have been taught to feel nothing, and yet, have the capacious ability to bequeath indubitable fervor and genuine amity.
Oh lady of anguish, what have you granted me that is more than a heart ache that cannot be cured?  I stand on a ledge that risks my dawns of tomorrow, and yet I willingly spread out my arms in a sore attempt to fly. You don't hold me back, rather, you laugh in my ears and down the nape of my neck as I descend, perilously to my bloody death upon that cruel ground, awaiting. Yet, somehow, I knew to expect a deject endeavor
:iconlet-there-be-ink:let-there-be-ink 0 0
Beautiful End
Oh, torrid romance,
Cease the beating of my heart.
Cut me off from breathing
Before I ever start.
Hold me to this ground,
But please don't let me walk.
Press our lips together,
Just don't let me talk.
:iconlet-there-be-ink:let-there-be-ink 0 0
The Eiffel Tower by let-there-be-ink The Eiffel Tower :iconlet-there-be-ink:let-there-be-ink 1 2 The Eye by let-there-be-ink The Eye :iconlet-there-be-ink:let-there-be-ink 2 0 Primary by let-there-be-ink Primary :iconlet-there-be-ink:let-there-be-ink 1 0 Solitude by let-there-be-ink Solitude :iconlet-there-be-ink:let-there-be-ink 5 4 Looming Lifespan by let-there-be-ink Looming Lifespan :iconlet-there-be-ink:let-there-be-ink 0 4 The Dryad by let-there-be-ink The Dryad :iconlet-there-be-ink:let-there-be-ink 2 2 Sunflower Maiden by let-there-be-ink Sunflower Maiden :iconlet-there-be-ink:let-there-be-ink 2 1

Random Favourites

War to politicians
War is like a game,
You can win or lose,
You can capitulate,
You can make your enemy beg for mercy,
You can beg for mercy too,
You advance or retreat,
Like the tides,
You can use every bit of your arsenal,
To kill.
That’s how politicians,
Above the civilians,
Who do not know what it is like paying,
For their childish game of who owns what,
They protect us because,
Without us their game and paychecks decay,
Think of war.
:icondemoku:demoku 1 0
Male in front of chemist's shop at Regent and Beak.
One male one female, on foot at West entrance of New Hyde Park.
Emergency, assault at Spurgeon Street; three male subjects, armed, beating a male and female; notify nearest patrol unit.
Robbery in progress, residence 3368 Langton Gate; two subjects seen; notify nearest patrol unit.
Two females on foot near Southwark Bridge, South.
One male, green bicycle, Prince Albert Road near St. George statue.
Finch's back ached where he sat before the array of security monitors.  The dull throbbing had begun over an hour ago, and still he sat.  His eyes burned from the glare of the screens in the surrounding darkness and his tongue was beginning to stick to the roof of his mouth from thirst, but his vigil remained unbroken.
The Eye and Ear of Norsefire had been severed for some little time now, but that didn't mean the information stopped flowing.  Quite the contrary; in the Shadow Gallery everythin
:iconfuguestate:FugueState 6 9
01. letter
dearly devoted one,
allow me to take this chance to state
that the world itself resides on a strange path
and seems tilted on a precarious angle.
i do not know how this happened
except to say that it did.
and i am sorry for it.
sometimes our hands are bloodied
before we realize we hold the knife
and at times we see the crimson stains
and merely shut our eyes to it.
i never knew i had the heart of a killer
until i saw the blade and realized
the wounds inflicted on my behalf.
i shuddered against them
but the dreams were real.
i beg your pardon, i just simply
cannot figure out what i became.
there once was a man with
ironclad resolve who said, using my voice,
that nothing would change his convictions.
he gazed into the mirror of self and
affirmed this with his dying breaths.
but as i woke to find myself
surrounded by the darkness, i realized
we all live to see our shadows
and wrestle with the monsters
buried deep inside our closets.
tempered now, the spirit speaks to you
in words you list
:iconpeterdawes:peterdawes 19 21
i know not where
to begin. the stares
are careless, the stars
couldn't care less,
and the world won't wait
(to spin),
while i catch my breath.
there is no space
in air to take the sky
for a ride in the water,
but i am still
enthralled by
opportunities afforded -
at each strange path
to be progressed.
we write backward ways
to overlay our inky feet,
these prints too deep to keep
receipt of old transgression.
of misplaced blessings.
of miracles abandoned,
now blooming
on the vine.
you are wrapped around
a finger of flowers
and colour speaks louder,
but by nature
every gesture
of your ghost-shape
is divine.
:iconprairiedaisy:prairiedaisy 42 46
Death of a Language
Pitiable soul
At this juncture he lies
A proverbial sinkhole
Battered and perverted
Devoid of acquaintances
No demise is vivid
Present were
No onyx umbrellas
Hiding leaking eyes
In attendance were
No bawling widows
Howling in no’s and oh’s
Just a kaput vestige
Nouns, pronouns, verbs
        Adverbs, adjectives
               Prepositions and conjunctions
Punctuation, capitalization
Phrases and sentences
Of the English tongue
Yet do not vex
Or scowl
On behalf of the syntax
Of the Saxon crown
For his eradicator
Has captured his pose
And none will be the wiser
Whilst American
(Fully clad as English)
Initiates froth and leaven
In sentences and phrases
Lynches wretched writers
From hollow gallows
So it may gorge itself
:iconawrighton:awrighton 7 29
avp by karajukuart avp :iconkarajukuart:karajukuart 90 7
Merciful Death
I met Death face to face,
as he wore the face of a beloved one.
I stroke his cheek, I whispered in his ears, I did not want him to part.
I saw Death naked of his dark and cold characteristics,
he looked like an old friend, he looked weak, needing.
In His wicked ways, Death made me love him for his form.
My first meeting with Him will last for ever in all it's soften horror.
When I shall meet him again, I will take back what He stole.
:icongirlwithapearlearrin:girlwithapearlearrin 1 7
Watchmen 01 - Rorschach by SilentKW Watchmen 01 - Rorschach :iconsilentkw:SilentKW 372 27 V by predator-fan V :iconpredator-fan:predator-fan 40 4
Mature content
Mending, part IV :iconfuguestate:FugueState 10 21
A Great Abundance Of Roses by FugueState A Great Abundance Of Roses :iconfuguestate:FugueState 111 57 Heath Ledger - Joker by ErickCarjes Heath Ledger - Joker :iconerickcarjes:ErickCarjes 174 139 We're simply meant to be. by badash13 We're simply meant to be. :iconbadash13:badash13 170 34 Skull Mutation by BellicoseButterfly Skull Mutation :iconbellicosebutterfly:BellicoseButterfly 605 95 Just Like Glass by DeaDNeSS Just Like Glass :icondeadness:DeaDNeSS 1,126 134


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Ashley Amos
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Personal Quote: The dead cannot cry out for justice; it is a duty of the living to do so for them.
Ok, so I'm not sure why I just uploaded those newer pieces and changed my about me, but I just made a new deviantart account. I will only be posting new things on it so if you wish to continue following my work and see how I progress (which I hope you do) then please follow Thank you for watching me, I appreciate it.


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